The red Moon

Sorry i am posting late. 😦

A lunar eclipse happend last Sunday and the…THE MOON WAS RED… well it was not like pigs were flying still…

THE MOON WAS RED and now it will be dark a bit earlier than usual.

By Gators 😀

Dads pizza and Watch Dog

Hey Gators,

Tonight was “dads come to school and eat pizza day”.
Watch Dog came and had a speech about dads coming to school
and your dad can be a Watch Dog and come be at school on a certain day.

Hope your dad can be a Watch Dog.
From your Gulledge Blogger.


Today I am at pace and I am showing my friends my blog today.  We are making an essay about our innovations about bananas and walnuts!  😀 :3

I hope you follow my blog. See you later gator!

Gulledge DotDay

#DotDay is today! I am posting on Tuesday!

And every grade 3rd and higher is making a picture using dots in art. 😀

This Dot week is because of a book called The Dot where a student thinks ” I can’t draw”,
so he makes a dot and signs it and becomes really good. Check out the book in art or try to get it in the library!

Have a great Dot week!